Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rhinebeck Yarn :)

Funny how all the yarn looks beautiful together. I found Brown Sheep for $4. a skein, a skein of wonderful Noro for half price and a skein of mohair (pink!!) We got to the Knitmore Girl's meet n' greet a bit early and were rewarded with a gift bag of Regia sock yarn, free scarf pattern, measuring tape, teabag and a recipe and a pin. Thanks to Tammy's daughter, Rebecca, for introducing me to the Knitmore Girls and their podcast.


  1. Sounds like a swell time! I've been enjoying the Knitmoregirls podcasts, too. Who doesn't like free yarn?!

  2. Nice! You showed a lot of yarn restraint!

  3. You had quite the adventure and you scored a lovely stash! Sounds like a good time!