Monday, October 26, 2009

Knit happens :)

So...the fall gathering of Sacred Stitches at St. John's in Huntingdon, PA is history. I always learn something interesting at our get-togethers. This time, The Seamen's Church Institute took center stage. The headquarters for this group is in NYC, within sight of the Brooklyn Bridge. Each year, 4,500 SCI volunteers around the country knit and pack gifts for more than 17,000 mariners in Port Newark and the inland river system.
The knitters at St. John's knit hats, scarves, and vests out of sturdy, Red Heart-type yarn for those hardy individuals who sail the seas. Next time you eat something from the ocean, thank these guys. Then, check out the free patterns on-line and whip something warm up for this worthy group.

Ever hear of Cable Needle Necklaces?? They look pretty ingenious, and cute, to boot. I read about them on Ravelry just now and was intrigued.

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