Sunday, October 18, 2009

A day to remember.

If you see the pictures I took at Rhinebeck yesterday, you'd think it was some sort of food festival. I couldn't really help myself. The food stands were so cool, with the added touch of Halloween kitsch. I was in heaven!
Mountains of fiber, beautiful shades of yarn everywhere, bargains to boggle the mind, and the cutest angora rabbit in the world. (ok. it's the only one I've ever seen.)

It rained buckets on Friday night as I drove to knitting buddy Tammy Mill's home to spend the night. Then, it was 4:30 AM and time to leave, again, in the pouring rain... for Rhinebeck. I think we were somewhere in NJ when I noticed that the skies had cleared and then THE SUN came out. The day was cold and wonderful. And the rain? It started again as we entered NJ on our way home.
Pictures of the yarn that followed me home to follow........soon as I find my camera.


  1. I can't wait to see the photos!

  2. I popped over to Flickr to see your photos. What fun! I love the scenic one "the sun is out". Beautiful.

  3. The weather seemed like a miracle!