Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last September at Rehoboth Beach

Haven't made it to Rehoboth Beach yet, so am taking a trip down memory lane.  Ken and I went to the beach last September and it was wonderfully warm for the end of the month.  Perfect! And we discovered the Green Man Bistro juice bar and yummy "healthy" food.  At the beach??? good food?? Of course, the rest of the time, I returned to glorious Grotto pizza, ice cream, taffy and other mouth-watering delights.  A girl's gotta live.  This time around, I am on a quest to find the new yarn store (name?) that I am told has popped up somewhere in Rehoboth.  It's nice to have a goal in life.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Beach Interrupted.....

No trip to Rehoboth after all.... Ken's long-term sub position went into labor  last night, so he's off to teach today and will be teaching 7th grade science till the end of the year.  What can I say?  More time to clean and knit for me...or...seize the day and go local to Central Market for fresh veggies.  It's all good.  There's always the possibility of attending the knit-in at LYS this afternoon.
Nothing on my job search I'll keep busy and keep looking.
Such is life :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The beach!

If all goes well, Friday will take me to the beach.  Well, actually, Ken will tear himself away from the garden and the animals and drive the trusty Subaru (with me and various yarn projects in it, to Rehoboth for the day.  Oh yeh!!  Rehoboth: where I can walk the beach, eat pizza, visit the Green Man Juice Bar & Bistro for yummy food and fruit drinks AND, rumor has it, there's a new yarn shop in town.  I might even get over to Lewes to search the beach for some of the sea glass.
All of that in a day?  It's gotta be, since I have things to do in the homeland on Saturday.

My mom's doing better each day, but she still sounds a lot like Thelma on the Simpson's.  Very strange.  
Happy spring y'all!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Well the pictures are pretty poor quality...but here they are.
My buttonholes will be on the "wrong" side, but I have it on good authority that no one will really care.
Every time I look at this sweater I want to say thanks to Faith at LYS who is really a wonderful person and has saved my soul (and this sweater!!!) too many times to count.  I'm looking forward to finishing this lovely sweater and providing the celebratory wine toast at one of our Thursday night sit and knits at LYS.  It may be in July, but it'll happen.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The sweater

Well....what can I say about my February Ladies Sweater which threatens to drive me and everyone who knows me CRAZY?
God bless Faith at LYS for rescuing me once again.  A special thanks to Katie who just happened to be at Art Walk today, happened to stop in at LYS, and was kind enough to help me with my latest sweater emergency.
It's really quite bizarre, this sweater experience.  Quite humbling.
Maybe I can make another scarf out of my beautiful lamb's pride wool.
Or.......maybe I will just keep on knitting the dang thing one more day.
Keep a good thought.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Open heart Surgery!!

Well...April Fool's Day was no joke this year.  My 84 year old mother was admitted to our local hospital, LGH, with congestive heart failure.  After being studied, stabilized, and undergoing a zillion tests, she was scheduled for open heart surgery to replace her mitral valve.  She had THE best surgeon, Dr. Mark Burlingham, and surgery tool place on Monday, April 6th.  It lasted 7 hours.  Her heart is now fine, but the recovery is going to be something.  Lots of swelling, pain, tasteless food.  My mom is not a patient patient, and I have been spending a ton of time at LGH.  Thank God for knitting.  I'm off to see her again, armed with pretty lotions to cheer her up some more.  I knitted a lovely prayer shawl, with many different inserts of stash yarn...didn't know who it was for when I began it on Inauguration Day!  She loves it and wears it all the time.  Life is good.
Happy Easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009

February Ladies Sweater

They said it was easy!  If it wasn't for Faith at our LYS in Lancaster, I would be going over the Falls in a barrel by now, knitting all the way.
Good news is that I have reached the point of knitting the lace pattern, so am at peace with the world for now.