Monday, October 12, 2009

Destination : :LYS

Last Friday was a very invigorating day. I got to spend a few hours at LYS. The Lancaster Yarn Shop is located in an
historic American foursquare home at Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, PA.
I have to admit that we Lancastrians get a fair amount of ribbing because of place names like Bird-in-Hand, Intercourse, and so on.

The little town of Intercourse, was called Cross Keys, back in the olden days. Its' current name speaks to the "fellowship" or social interaction and friendship which was so much a part of an agricultural village and culture at the time.

There sure is a ton of social interaction and fellowship going on within the walls of LYS. Wendy Ellis runs a warm, inviting haven full of colorful yarn and inviting projects. I've met folks from England, Italy, Japan, Canada, and various parts of this gloriously beautiful United States while hanging out at LYS.
The common thread in all of the meetings is the love of fiber arts (mainly knitting, for moi).

I am currently lusting over the heavenly shawl, pictured above, that is knit with boucle and mohair yarn. The picture does not do justice to the colors in Claudia 's Handpainted Yarn.
The other picture you'll see here is the display of the local yarn: most notably Rachel Marie's Knitty Dirty Girl and Kelly Pederson's Whorled Peace. ( Astute readers of my blog, and you know who you are, will recognize Whorled Peace as the yarn in my ostrich plume scarf, pictured above WHICH IS NOW FINISHED!!!!!)

Well, Lordy Miss Scarlet. how I do go on...and on...and on......but it's the yarn talking.
Stop in at LYS, y'all...where everybody knows your name. And you probably thought that was Cheers?


  1. Note from me: I have no idea why the fonts are all messed up today. Lord have mercy!

  2. Sounds like a lovely shop. So much fun to see new projects and get inspired.

  3. Beautiful yarns! Let's see more of that finished scarf.