Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ishbel gets the gold???

I'm calling the 2010 Winter Olympics the Shawl Olympics. As I watch the various sports, I knit either my Swallowtail shawl or my Ishbel. At this point, Ishbel is in the lead and may possibly achieve the gold medal by moving from WIP status to a beautiful butterfly of a shawl.
What makes this particular shawl extra special is the yarn. I purchased it at Knitty City, a wonderful yarn shop in NYC, where I had stopped to meet my blogging friend, Mary. The yarn is Schoeller + Stahl Fortissima Coloi Disco Socka and has a silver glint to it. The glint may be silver but the shawl, and the memories associated with the visit to meet Mary in NYC, are pure gold.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Film at Eleven?

Pictures of the Talia Vest from SweaterBabe.com, a.k.a. theBlizzard Vest, taken outside in the snow, sort of. Added an indoor shot, just for good measure.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Blizzard Vest

One good thing about the Blizzard of 2010 is the amount of time I was able to knit and knit and knit. It is with the utmost pride and hope in the blocking process that I post these pictures of the Talia vest by sweaterbabe.com, now commonly referred to as the blizzard vest.
Hallelujah and pass the snow shovel.

P.S. The buttons were purchased at Rosie's Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia last Monday between snowstorms.
P.P.S. I love Rosie's :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Knittin' honey :)

Dinner's in the crockpot and it's time to knit. After the massive snow shoveling we did yesterday, I am surprised I have any energy left to pick up the old needles. Funny thing, though... I have discovered there's always energy for knitting.

And, so it goes. I have so many WIPs that my head spins (no pun intended) when I think of them.
Lately though, I've been working on the Talia Vest by SweaterBabe for a few weeks and have reached the tricky part. Nothing like being snowed in to force me to dive in and try to figure out directions. After a few frantic pleas on Ravelry, it all started to come together. Stay tuned.

Friday, February 5, 2010

C is for Crepes.

Crepes. They're not just for breakfast anymore. One of the coolest places in town is Rachel's Cafe & Creperie, located on the Historic 300 block of North Queen Street. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and DESSERT crepes all on the menu and lovingly prepared. Yummmmmm! Fun decor includes the friendly mannikin greeting all patrons. (The letter C could also refer to one of the coolest block of shops in town. The Historic 300 block of North Queen Street is home to numerous antique shops, The Glassworks, Zap & Co. (more on this one later), The Onion Cafe, Mommalicious, and many more. Stopping in on a Music Friday adds entertainment to the mix. It's all good.)

As I waited for my crepe, I heard a voice ask, "Is that the Celebrity Scarf?" Sure enough, a fellow knitter recognized my cozy, warm scarf that accompanies me everywhere lately.
Can you believe that I'm at the letter "C" and this is the first mention of knitting I've made?