Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's hat weather out there!!

I'm still alive. Still knitting, Still babysitting darling Luke, who reached the grand old age of six months on 2/6. Hooray!
Never seems to be time to blog, but I have such good intentions. Just to prove I'm telling the truth, I'm including a picture of Luke sitting on Great-Grandma's couch. He's modeling a hat that I knit way back in December 2010 when I found out that my daughter was pregnant. It took me a long time to figure out what I should knit for this little bundle of joy and I looked at pattern after pattern and nothing seemed quite right. And then I picked up Knitting For Baby by Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas...and there it was: a cute little hat. He's grown big enough to wear it and the weather is cooperating by being cold enough to allow hat wearing.
And the couch at Great-Grandma's house? She bought it in 1973, right after I got engaged to Luke's grandfather. :)