Thursday, December 17, 2009

A terrific yarn.......

In the olden days, a yarn referred to an interesting tale/story. Well, I have a dear friend named Kathy. Years ago, Kathy invested in tons of yarn and a knitting machine. Then she became involved in community activities, and I'm proud to say she ran for and got elected Lancaster Township supervisor and, just last week, she took on the role of Lancaster County Planning Commission member. She is amazing. Along the way, the knitting took a back seat. Last week, I talked to Kathy about spinning fiber, told her I was going to a fiber retreat with the hopes of getting serious about getting the hang of it. She decided to gift me with 10 skeins of alpaca roving since she wasn't going to use it. Squeals of joy. Chapter 2: I tell Rachel-Marie from LYS about this awesome gift. She suggests I combine the tan alpaca with some of her hand-spun teal yarn which she is gifting me at the LYS party tonight.
I'm not sure what these gifts of yarn will become, but the warmth of those two friends will make me smile each time I see the yarn. What a tale. A terrific yarn.
Tonight is our very first Christmas party at LYS. Did I mention lately how much I love knitting? It strengthens my soul in trying times. It has opened new doors to places and friends I never would have known about. Marry Christmas to all you cool friends out there. Thanks for the spirit-lifting posts and comments. It is all just amazing. :)

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  1. Jeannie, what special gifts you received! And it was truly a treat the day I discovered your blog!