Saturday, December 26, 2009

Return of the trilobite

I think I goofed the other day when giving credit for the very cool trilobite toy/catnip container. The pattern is actually one of Grumbleknits. She is a 13 year old knitter. Thirteen!!!!
Holy 13 years of age, I was still wondering when, if ever, I'd get "a figure".

And then, we have the cookies. Trilobite cookies. Yummmmmmm. The only improvement for these little morsels would be mini M&M eyes. The man who devised the recipe is also the person behind the Central Park sculpture event. (Someday I will figure out the fine art of placing my pictures where I want them to be. )

And so, I present the fact for today: All of life can be connected to food and NYC. It's only a matter of time. :)

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