Wednesday, December 30, 2009

59 and counting!

That would be me, although it could just as easily refer to my WIPs. What's not to like??? I love each and every project. Sure, I love the challenge of knitting something that looks way out of my reach, but there's also the fun of meeting new people while doing Ravelry research on my current project, the Meret. I've never knit a hat that liked me for myself, but this one may be the one. I started it in large, since my head measures 21.5 inches around. 2010 will be the year to finish the SWT, my Rosie sweater, AND this lovely, lacy, Meret. Here's to Ravelry and all the fun patterns and interesting knitters it brings into my life. Happy New Year everyone......or should I say Happy New Yarn!!!! (I am incorrigible.)


  1. Happy Birthday!! Happy New Year (almost) and happy knitting. I love that pattern and have been eyeing it myself even though I never wear anything on my head. I'm anxious to watch your progress. Have a wonderful, delightful day.

  2. Happy New Yarn to you also, Jeannie!