Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The sheep who live down the street

I live in a suburban development, lots of people, lots of houses....and one nice fenced-in lot where Mr. Brubaker has kept sheep for the 23 years we've lived here.  When our kids were little, we'd walk down the street to see the sheep, perhaps to "talk" to them, ooh and ahhh, etc.
My kids are grown, I mentioned to my neighbor that it's be cool if I could get a bag of wool from Mr. B's sheep to spin and perhaps knit into something for posterity..... and the next thing I knew. he'd left a large bag of fiber au natural on my front porch.  In the meantime, I took my first spinning class and learned that not all sheep wool is created equal.  Some critters are raised for meat and some for their wool.  The meat breeds are pretty much unspinnable.  I'm afraid the guys down the street are children of the meat, rendering them (no pun intended) unworthy to spin.
I remain hopeful.  Stay tuned. :) 

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  1. See! I've already learned something about spinning just from dropping by. Much easier this way. (grin)