Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yard sales and dogs

I love books.  I tried to part with some of them at my daughter Jen's yard sale this morning.  I was lucky enough to take more books home than I sold.  There's a message there.

I did a very stupid thing while I was at Jen's.  Walked up to a car that had pulled up to ask whether we had any books to sell.  A barking Dachsund was in the back seat, and I decided to make friends by offering my hand, palm up, in friendship.  Got my very first dog bite (make that bites) as a result.  There are no lengths I won't go to when it comes to teaching my daughter a lesson in what you should never do.
Dear Jennifer was quick enough to write down the car's license plate number as the lady drove away after announcing to the world, "I told you he bites!" (She had not.) I shoulda known better, as the Beatle song goes.....

At least I can still knit!

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