Monday, May 4, 2009

A rainy day in Maryland

Hard to find the words to describe yesterday's trip to the MD Sheep & Wool Festival, but here are my random thoughts on the day:
I traveled with Wendy (owner), Rachel-Marie and Katie (staff extraordinaire) of our beloved LYS (Lancaster Yarn Shop)......
So cool to spend time with y'all :)

The day was awesome, wet & wooly!, full of surprises.  The rain only made it easier to get into the restrooms.  Watched a sheep get de-wooled,  Ignored all the lamb-eating food stands and found a lovely hamburger and fries lunch.  Ended the day with the world's best hot chocolate to wash down a nutritious apple turnover.
And the YARN!  Made two purchases: Pucker Brush Farm's lovely wool/mohair blend and Salsa DK gorgeous yarn  from Dalis at Dancing Leaf Farm's "shop".  Could have bought more... Pictures later.
Surprises: meeting Casey, Jessica of Ravelry  at the noon Ravelry meet and greet. Met Laura Chau, author of "Teach Yourself Visually Sock Knitting".  Enjoyed the chance to see people in person, exchange tips, get a free demo on spinning.
AND..  Amy Singer of meet and tell her how much I adore her on-line magazine, one of my all-time favorite websites 
Something else I loved: the chance to knit a row on the Wrap the World in Warmth scarf at the Keep the Fleece stand. ..gotta check this site out.

All in all, a very memorable day :)


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