Sunday, May 17, 2009

One to go

Remember a Tale of Two Sweaters?  I completed my Indian Vest this past week and it fits!  There's a story behind this thing.  A few years ago, my daughter Jen gave me a Ball & Skein Shop gift certificate for my birthday with the understanding that my yarn purchase had to be used for ME.  So, I got Galway Paint knitting worsted  and chose a vest from Catherine Ham's book " 25 Gorgeous Sweaters". I knitted a small, after all, I am a sz. 36, right?  I looked like a variegated sausage in the finished product and squirreled it away in a bag, returning to my safer projects.  Well, after awhile, I tinked the whole thing and tried it again in a size medium.
It looked ok when finished...and then I blocked it.  I am now a believer in miracles.  What a difference a blocking makes!
On to the Feb. Ladies sweater///Hey. I didn't specify what year. :)
Life is interesting.

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