Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day, 2009

Jen and I took Grandma to the national cemetery at Fort Indiantown Gap last Saturday to visit dad's grave.   As she does each year, mom picked out the floral arrangement and we visited the cemetery to place them on his grave, say a prayer and remember.  This year, she wanted us to drive through the rest of the cemetery so that she could show us the rows and rows of upright markers denoting the most recent of the veterans graves.
My dad, Robert B. Eshelman, died when I was a month shy of my 5th birthday from lympo sarcoma.  He had worked in chemical warfare and been accidentally gassed.  His disease was linked to that.
I drive past the VA Hospital in Wilkes-Barre each time I return to Northeast Pa to see what's left of my extended family. It sits on top of a hill next to Rt. 81.
So, today, thanks to dad and to all the brave soldiers who kept and continue to keep us safe.

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