Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just another day??

I was running late this morning getting to an appointment in downtown Lancaster, fuming as I sat in traffic that wasn't going anywhere.....I took a couple of alleys, arrived at my destination and found out that a building had collapsed onto Queen Street, the road I would have been on. It was to have housed the Lancaster Art Museum up till a few weeks ago, when the Museum opted to stay in their present location.

In what seems like a miracle, not one person was hurt. Debris landed on a transit bus, but none of the other traffic had started to move as the traffic light had just changed. Wow! No one on the bus was injured. (The only passengers were all seated on the far side of the bus.)

It's very sad that a beautiful building was lost due to the thoughtlessness of the company doing major excavation work next door to it. They had done absolutely nothing to protect the existing building as they excavated extremely close to it.

It's a beautiful spring day here in Lancaster and no one was hurt. Thank God.


  1. Wow, Jeannie! How amazing and wonderful, as you say, that no one was injured. I enlarged the photo and it is just kindling! It is sad to lose a fine, old building.

  2. That's really something! Lucky that nobody was hurt.