Saturday, April 17, 2010

H is for Horses!

As much as I wanted to let H be for Historic, I kept seeing HORSES everywhere I went in downtown Lancaster last week. Of course, a trip downtown always includes seeing a mounted police officer, usually accompanied by an adoring group of fans. (That'd be for the HORSE!)

Then, there is the artsy horsey in the window of a local gallery on Prince Street.
And, as I waited for the light to change at Walnut and Duke Streets, I quickly snapped some pictures of a very historic stable. This long building
was used as military stables during the Revolution. On the opposite side of the street, stood the Barracks where British and Hessians were imprisoned.

And then I remembered the
Horse Inn, one of Lancaster's best kept secrets. You seem to be on a treasure hunt as you follow the directions, hoping to find this little place. The second floor restaurant, once a speak-easy, exudes history....and the food's really good too.

Whoa!!!!! This post IS about historic stuff

Not to forget knitting, here's a photo of my Hollyhock cap-sleeved top in quote from the book, Knitting in the Sun, this top has "stylish architecture and modern ornamentation like its namesake, Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House in Los Angeles, California, which was built for an independent woman with a passion for the arts."
Now if only I was better at inserting pictures, you all wouldn't have to read this post sideways to see the Hollyhock!


  1. Wow great Lancaster history! Your posts are making me want to travel there, that's for sure!

  2. Nothing can stop an independent woman with a passion for the arts....or horses....or history! I enjoyed reading about the Revolutionary military stables. So much fun being an armchair traveler. And climate-controlled, too!

  3. What a beautiful top! I love the color.