Thursday, April 1, 2010

Golly Gee. Here's my G.

Galleries galore..... In recent years, Lancaster City has become a mecca for art lovers. We've always had our museums, but now we have galleries, one more interesting than the next. Gallery Row used to house empty, run-down buildings. Now, it is full to the brim with cool art galleries. I am thrilled beyond words at the transformation.

Even the cellar window coverings have art on is everywhere
you look these days.


Freiman Stoltzfus began by painting the people and landscapes of the Amish community years ago. Check out what he's painting these days...One of my favorites: Lady of the Irises.

It's been such fun to watch as the art scene evolves in the city. So many fine artists in so many artistic mediums..... awesome.


  1. Golly, your G is early! Now I do have to hurry with my F!

  2. Great! So many interesting things to look at!

  3. Great post. It makes me want to spend a morning wandering in and out of the galleries. I popped over to your Flickr pictures as well.