Friday, November 13, 2009

What is this stuff??


I'm looking for places to go tomorrow...Somehow, I fell into this blog called Knit Your Socks Off. Good stuff. There are reviews of all the yarn shops in NYC and surrounding areas. So, much as I love Manhattan, I may be taking the subway to Brooklyn to check out The Yarn Tree. It will be an adventure of sorts, but I absolutely love Brooklyn and, if the weather cooperates, may be walking the Brooklyn Bridge, instead of the subway. Yarn Tree opens at noon, so there will actually be time to bask in Manhattan first. Visit Mary, see more yarn places. It's all good.

Almost forgot in my euphoric state to mention the Shibory. It's calling me. I guess I have to find out more about it when I visit The Yarn Tree.. Education is never wasted.


  1. Supposed to be a beautiful weekend here. Hope you have equally good weather for your travels. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you for coming to visit my blog! I hope you enjoy Shibori! :-)