Monday, November 2, 2009

The Big Apple

Trying not to get giddy, but I am going to my favorite city on Nov. 14th. Blame my Sicilian heritage, but I never like to get too excited about something too far in advance and tempt fate.
Anyhow....I've started to think about what to do while there, other than walking the streets looking at the beautiful architecture. There's a new yarn store on Orchard Street called Gotham Fine Yarn that I decided to scope out. Oh my Lord! Check out the November project: the Mohawk Hat. If I were independently wealthy, I'd love to knit it up for my mom's Christmas surprise...after all, she does love hats. Something tells me I'd better stick to the alpaca scarf currently on the needles that has her name on it. Oh, but that Mohawk would be a hoot!
On second though, I'm gonna stick to Knitty City and their awesome button wall. My Tammy sweater needs beautiful buttons.

I'm thinking the victory parade just might be over by then. :)

1 comment:

  1. That is really some hat! I think the alpaca scarf sounds much better. But the hat might make for fun Christmas pictures.