Thursday, November 12, 2009

New York state of mind :)

Saturday is coming and, with it, a promise of a trip to my favorite city. The tree will have arrived in Rock Center, maybe the street vendors will provide that wonderful smell of roasting nuts...not sure if the Christmas tree vendors will be set up and ready to go yet. I sure hope not...but, ohhhh, the smell of the evergreens is awesome.
I hope to see Mary while I'm there. That's the only definite goal right now. Just being in the city means the world to me. If you've never been to the Tenement Museum, make it a stop when you visit. Or, visit St. Patrick's Cathedral .......I was lucky enough to hear a rehearsal of the Messiah in progress on on of my visits. The Christmas trees pop up everywhere this time of of my favorites was the one on Wall Street...of course, if you're in that area, stop in at Trinity Church and say a prayer for the fallen. One of the most moving experiences of my life was my visit to
St. Paul's Chapel. The daffodils were blooming in the graveyard, the church was full of memorials to 9-11 and the people who offered care and comfort. And a young people's choral group was singing. Solemn, and so beautiful.
Life goes on...I guess what I love the most about NYC is the sense of community you feel when you're there. I love New York.


  1. The tree vendors come to the city right after Thanksgiving. But, not to worry, there will still be plenty to see here!

  2. Say hi to Mary for me and have a great trip. I enjoyed the links.