Monday, June 1, 2009

NYC and a Max movie

If all goes well, I'll be on a bus to my favorite city this Saturday.  I'm trying to work up my usual enthusiasm, but am feeling achy and dizzy....this too shall pass.
It'll be a lot different from the last trip to NYC.  What's it been? 3 or 4 years now.
A visit to Ground Zero and Trinity Church is slated and, dare I say, a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.  And then, there's a side-trip to some yarn stores.  I'll have a backpack in case I give in to temptations :)
C'est la vie.  

In other news, our beloved Max took a walk on the wet side yesterday and was captured by moi on video......

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  1. Hi, J. Just came from Mary's blog. Looks like you two had a good time at Knitty City. I'm a bit further away from NYC but maybe, SOMEday I'll get to meet up with Mary, too. I know you'll make a lovely February Lady Sweater.