Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blogging Buddies and Buttons

NYC remains an awesome place.  I've figured out that I REALLY love knitting since I was torn between working on my FLS and staring out the bus window at the Empire State Building. 
Who'd have thought?
I met my blog buddy Mary, Snit n' Knit, at Knitty City...a wonderful yarn shop on the Upper West Side.  What fun to get to meet and look at yarns and just plain have fun.  The time was all too short.  I can't get my pictures to upload to my blog today, but will soon post a picture of the awesome buttons that are just perfect for the sweater.  Progress report: Only half of the last sleeve to go and the February Ladies Sweater, a.k.a., the June sweater is complete! And the good news for today is that I have figured out what I did wrong and can now upload lovely pictures again.  Stay tuned for FLS updated photos .


  1. I so enjoyed meeting you on Saturday! Looking forward to seeing how the buttons look on the FLS.

  2. I am sorta jealous, I've loved Mary's blog for a long time, too. Someday I will get to meet her, too, I hope!