Monday, April 4, 2011

Crazy for quilting?

I have wanted to try my hand at quilting for some time now. Crazy quilting, to be exact.
When a free workshop at our local library was advertised, I loaded my trusty Elna sewing machine and as much fabric as I could fit into one tote bag, and off I went. I learned a lot in those two hours.
A teacup design cut from one of my daughter Jen's theater skirts became the center of the piece. Just about every other scrap of fabric chosen for the square reminded me of some aspect of my daughter's life. The keyboard, cut from an old, silk scarf reminds me of all those piano lessons. (Thanks, Mr. Drackley!) Another scrap, embellished with tiny pink rosebuds, represents Jen's middle name, Rose. My favorite scrap of all is the one I picked up from the community scrap pile. It's black with acorns all over it. It reminds me of walks taken many years ago, where my little girl would pick up acorns that "lost their hats" to take home for her dad to fix.
I picked the pink and blue scraps because our instructor said we needed to tie into the colors in my little teacup scrap. As I look at it now I am reminded that Jen will become a mom sometime in August, 2011. And then we'll find out whether I have a grandson or granddaughter. Hooray!

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  1. So many wonderful memories in your project! How nice. And a chance, if you like, to add some fun embroidery stitches. Seems like it would be as portable as knitting and offer as much opportunity for relaxation and creative expression.