Monday, February 14, 2011

There's no place like home :)

I have a closet in my bedroom that I call my sewing closet because it contains all things pertaining to sewing, which I do very little of these days. Knitting is more fun.
Well, spring cleaning got to me yesterday and I took a stab at the closet, especially the tippy top shelf that I have used as a treasure chest since 1986 for anything memorable/special pertaining to my children.

A little history here: My daughter Jennifer's Aunt Flo gifted her with a very large Raggedy Ann doll the day Jen was born. It came with a special tradition of photographing Jennifer with Raggedy Ann each year on her birthday. I really wanted to continue the tradition (wouldn't it be a hoot to have Jen in her wedding dress with R.A.?) but the practice waned around 7th grade.

Back to the cleaning extravaganza: I uncovered such memories and treasures. Eventually, duty called, dinner had to be cooked and all was forgotten, mid-cleaning. I left everything on a table in my bedroom for another day, along with some pillows, one a very large"husband pillow with arms".
Here's what I saw when I crawled into bed and glanced across the room last night. The wicked witch of the west perhaps????

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