Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Going cold tortoise

How could you not love a face like this? Better yet: two faces like this.
It's so very cold and windy outside, but our tortoises enjoyed a comfortable ride to their vet visit in their mulch-lined plastic boxes, accompanied by hot water filled bottles to cozy up their journey.

I went along on the adventure to lend a hand carrying the guys into the vet's office. In truth, I really was curious to see what a tortoise checkup entailed. It was pretty quick, actually looked like just a cursory glance. One can only wonder what the vet was looking for. Anyway, the guys passed with flying colors and entertained the staff and other pet owners. Now they're back home again, awaiting travel instructions. One day soon, they'll take a one hour journey south to the Plumpton Park Zoo in Cecil County, MD , their new home. I'm hoping we'll pass a yarn store along the way, but I digress.

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  1. You lead such a varied and interesting life! If no yarn store today, perhaps tomorrow!