Wednesday, March 24, 2010

E is for Eek!!!!!!!

Eek!! I'm late.
You'd think the letter E would be EASY! Well, better late than never. Perhaps I was waiting for Easter eggs?
A combination of the old and the new in Lancaster City is Eastern Market. Historically, the city had several markets. Central Market is the coolest of the remaining markets and well worth a trip to shop and eat and eat and eat......... more on that later. Southern Market now houses our Chamber of Commerce and hosts public meetings. But I digress.......

Eastern Market has been brought back to life as an open air market that operates from June through October at 308 East King Street. The
market offers locally grown produce, mult-cultural cuisine, flowers, coffee, live music and arts & crafts. The resurgence of this particular city market is part of a larger effort by the East King Improvement District.

Oh, yeah. They have a Carmen & David's ice cream stand. Yum!

Moving right along, E is also for Jacob Eichholtz (1776-1842), a native Lancastrian, who helped to bring portraiture into the homes of middle-class America back in the day (that would be the 19th century).
The Eichholtz House on South Lime Street is much as it was when he resided
there, with original wooden planks and window hardware. I was lucky enough to attend several Historic Preservation meetings there a few years back and was in awe of the architectural details and the history of the home. History is no stranger to the outside of the house. The rear of the home has beautiful plantings, a few of which were planted by Robert Eichholtz, the eighth child of Jacob and his second wife, who lived in the home until his death. Robert also left an etching of his signature in one of the home's larger windows.

Egad! That's enough of the letter E...time to think about flowers and Fulton and....oops. The letter F, coming to a blog near you. Stay tuned!


  1. Jeannie, I'd say this is FASCINATING, but that starts with F. It is ENLIGHTENING. The Eastern Market seems like loads of fun (whoops, F again) and I loved learning about Eichholtz. Great post!

  2. Once again your post makes me want to return to Lancaster and see all the things I missed on my last two trips! I'm sure I'm going to be saying the same thing 21 more times this year!

  3. An excellent post! Thanks for the tour!