Friday, March 5, 2010

D is for Delicious!

For the longest time, all I could think about was drifts. They were everywhere. Check out the massive one outside my church last Sunday. I really didn't want to waste the letter D on those relics of winter, but my brain was stuffed full of them.

Then, today, I saw the daffodils trying to poke out of the dirt. Delightful!

And tonight? Hubby and I drove Downtown for First Friday and I made a wonderful discovery: D could be Delicious!

All I had to do was see all that delicious decadence displayed in the Bonbonniere's windows, and visions of drifts danced out of my head. This little confectionary shoppe contains a wonderful selection of candies and handmade chocolates from all over the U.S. and as far away as Japan. My eyes glazed over, and making a decision became very difficult.
In the end, it was the cocoa crispycake treat that traveled out the door with me, destined to be dessert. Yum!

Licorice treats,
each wrapped up with a beautiful bow.....


  1. Daffodils and dessert--most excellent Ds!

  2. Great word track...the last of the drifts have melted away here...I am hoping to see some more happy 'D's like the daffodil soon.

  3. What a delicious post! Wonderful 'D's everywhere. Ummmm....toffee you say?