Friday, February 5, 2010

C is for Crepes.

Crepes. They're not just for breakfast anymore. One of the coolest places in town is Rachel's Cafe & Creperie, located on the Historic 300 block of North Queen Street. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and DESSERT crepes all on the menu and lovingly prepared. Yummmmmm! Fun decor includes the friendly mannikin greeting all patrons. (The letter C could also refer to one of the coolest block of shops in town. The Historic 300 block of North Queen Street is home to numerous antique shops, The Glassworks, Zap & Co. (more on this one later), The Onion Cafe, Mommalicious, and many more. Stopping in on a Music Friday adds entertainment to the mix. It's all good.)

As I waited for my crepe, I heard a voice ask, "Is that the Celebrity Scarf?" Sure enough, a fellow knitter recognized my cozy, warm scarf that accompanies me everywhere lately.
Can you believe that I'm at the letter "C" and this is the first mention of knitting I've made?


  1. Yum. Dessert crepes. JP and I used to love to go the The Magic Pan and we always would want a dessert crepe, but would be too full by the time we finished our meal. Love this 'C'.

  2. Eating crepes while wearing the Celebrity Scarf--a most excellent C!

  3. Mmmm, crepes. Love them. Just one thing you ma not know: in Holland it's thought very 'American' to eat crepes for breakfast. It's never done here. But we love them at any other moment of the day.
    Lovely C.