Friday, January 29, 2010

B is for Baseball.

It's almost February and the groundhog will soon see his shadow and plunge us into six more weeks of winter, but my thoughts are on baseball for this entry. Barnstormer baseball, that is.
Not that I am a great fan of baseball, but I do love all that the Barnstormers have to offer us. In addition to hosting our Stitch and Pitch a few years ago, the stadium is home to ice skating in the winter, music concerts, fireworks after the games, and has the most awesome entertainment area for children. When you're not glued to the game, you might take notice of the bumper boat section, the ca
rousel, a rock climbing wall and other play venues for the kids.

The Barnstormers' home, Clipper Stadium, is located on Prince Street, the entrance to the city from the north. Construction of the stadium, and the return of minor league baseball to our fair city, spurred an amazing renewal in the northwest area of Lancaster City. Creative reuse of many beautiful old buildings has taken place since the arrival of baseball. So, take me out to the ballgame and watch Lancaster shine!!!!!


  1. Minor League baseball is so much fun! We try to get to a couple of games each summer.

  2. Interesting: In Holland baseball is practically unknown! And as for ice skating: The Dutch do that on 'open water' like lakes and canals and preferably for quite long distances. Indoors they love speedskating. That's what the Dutch will be glued on their tv's for next Olympics.
    Your Stadium looks a great place to be!

  3. Baseball! That must be why I had to have a hot dog for lunch today. But this chili since it's pretty chilly down here this weekend.

    Sounds like a fun place to go.