Friday, August 14, 2009

Socks and Showers

Behold the ballband dishcloth taken from its lowly state, knitted in Tahki's Cotton Classic and on its way to becoming a centerpiece at Lauren's wedding brunch. Our Thursday night gang at LYS is busily knitting a bunch of these beauties so that Lauren will be able to use them on each table at her wedding brunch. They'll be topped with vases handmade by her future husband Phil, the potter, and finished off with flowers from Central Market.
Lauren is shown in the other picture with fellow knitter, Kathy. The reason for the big smiles is that Kathy is showing off her scarf and purse adorned with Lauren's handmade buttons. Yep. Phil taught Lauren how to make buttons, the prettiest ceramic buttons ever, and Kathy was her first "customer"....such excitement!

OK......and here's a picture of my very first attempt at "real" socks. I'm using Paca Peds superwash alpaca sock yarn which has 20% alpaca, 65% superwash wool and 15% nylon. So, I'm thinking it should be called Wool-Paca Peds. But I digress. Back to Lauren's table-topper which I must finish before any other project is worked on.


  1. Your LYS group sounds like a loving bunch. The wedding brunch should be wonderful with so much time and talent involved and displayed. And your socks will be lovely and WARM.

  2. Please take a photo of the finished centerpieces with vases--it's such a lovely idea!