Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The beach, sort of :)

Husband, son, and little old moi traveled to Lewes, DE for a much-enjoyed day trip yesterday.
Funny thing though....I only saw the ocean from the boardwalk at Rehoboth after we biked all the way from Lewes to Rehoboth and then back to Lewes. (That's an 8 mile round trip.)
My blue bicycle and I are now friends. No falls onto concrete...No tumbles onto gravel...just lots of good exercise and beautiful wooded trails with plenty of shade and wonderful forests.

We settled for yummy cheesesteaks and Grotto Pizza since it was Monday and my Green Man Bistro was CLOSED. Oh the cruelty of it all... I was sorely tempted to sample the bacon ice cream offered at one of the boardwalk stands, but brain cells kicked in just in time and saved me.

And the yarn??? I consider it a verifiable miracle that Kitschy Stitch,the new Rehoboth yarn store, materialized right in front of us on the way home. Well, I had to go in and investigate. Besides, it gave the guys a chance to rest on the porch. Pictures of yarn to follow.


  1. Sounds perfect! The ocean, pizza and cheesesteaks AND yarn! Doesn't get better than that.

  2. Bacon ice cream? Your arteries will thank you.
    : )