Sunday, May 19, 2013

KIP day, 2013: NYC, here I come.

Knit in Public Day has always been a fun day. This year, I'll be riding a bus to NYC on KIP day. Woo-hoo!!
You may be wondering what M&Ms and stained glass ceilings have to do with knitting. Well, a girl's got to keep up her strength as she knits. The first picture is obvious, but I'll let you all know that I'll be eating pizza as I look up at that gorgeous stained glass in my second picture. John's Pizzeria has a location near Times Square. It's housed in a former church, hence the lovely ceiling. And the food? Oh, yummmmm.

So, I'll be knitting but I'll be making time for yummy treats as well.

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  1. Hahaha. I hadn't checked in in awhile so imagine my delight when this post appeared and I saw a Wall O' M&Ms! Big Grin. Then I began imagining how MANY M&Ms a backpack might hold. Swoon. I missed KIP this year, but I think a friend and I will hang out at a McD in a week or so, take over a booth for a few hours, drink lots of coffe, knit (in public!) and catch up on each other. Hope your pizza was just right.