Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life goes on

Columbus Day, October 12th, was more than memorable this year. No parades, just an emergency trip to the hospital after three weeks of sinus infection, followed by intestinal distress that will not soon be forgotten by my dear husband. After two endoscopies and sonograms and many more tests, the gastroenterologist ruled out lymphomas of any kind and diagnosed him with a very rare, probably congenital, condition which requires surgery.
He was able to come home from Lancaster General Hospital as of last night, armed with meds to get his strength back for
a return trip to have elective surgery for an aneurysm in his small intestine on Tuesday, November 9th. Until then, he stays healthy and avoids doggie hugs.

I've tried to include a picture of the view of Lancaster City as seen from the seventh floor of the hospital. We watched the fall leaves change at that window.

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  1. That's a sad-looking face and understandably so! What a difficult time. Will be thinking of you until Nov. 9 is behind you and hope it will be all smiles afterwards.