Tuesday, July 20, 2010

K is for Keys

The coolest thing is happening right now in downtown Lancaster, PA. It has to do with something called Keys for the City.
I'll be walking down a city street and suddenly hear a piano playing. Outside. What a concept. Each piano has been adopted by a local business or non-profit, painted in a most interesting way and set out on the sidewalk for passersby to plunk out a few notes or a sonata. It's up to the individual. The other day I saw a man playing (from some sheet music he'd brought along) to an impromptu audience.

There was the usual Lancaster worry festival before the arrival of the pianos: What if it rains? What if they're vandalized? Isn't this a dumb idea?, etc. In the end, the pianos were placed in downtown locations and the magic began. If you happen to visit Lancaster this summer, listen for the music. It just might make your day.

and, of course, K is ALWAYS for knitting :)


  1. Jeannie, that IS cool. I love the bright green piano. I can imagine that all kinds of people will be inspired to come out and play a bit. What fun! LOVELY shawl you're wearing. I had to pop over to Ravelry and get a good look. But please take it off now, I'm burning up. : )
    It is so HOT this July. Even the M&Ms are in danger of melting in your hand!! Of course, MINE don't stay there that long.

  2. Oh, I wish I had thought of that K! We had pianos all over NYC in June. I even took photos of a couple of them.

  3. Music in the streets - that must be fun!