Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's been a month!

Mayday! Thank goodness it's June. I ended the month with a grand bout of unsteadiness, but I'm down to a slight wavering motion after three days.

I finished my Clapotis on the car ride to Ann Arbor, all but the last few stitches, which I'm saving for knit night at LYS. Today, I completed a pretty little baby sweater for my daughter's new niece, Violet Mari Hinton. The pattern called for Plymouth's Fantasy Naturale, a 100% cotton yarn. I'm a bit nervous about the yarn choice, but summer's here and it's a pretty little sweater. All it needs is ribbon for the neck closing.

So, all that remains is to take pictures and add to Ravelry. Happy endings :)


  1. Jeannie, may the happiest ending yet be the end to your unsteadiness. Can't wait to see your projects over on Ravelry!!

  2. A nice way to begin a month--with finishing things! What's next up on the needles?