Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I is for Ice Cream

There are never enough ice cream stores. That being said, one of the best of the bunch is in downtown Lancaster. Carmen and David's Creamery is the place to be on any day of the week, especially if you are a bit adventurous......
My favorite flavor of all time is their licorice ice cream, which merges the best of two worlds into one delicious treat.
Even the flowers outside have an ice cream theme :)
Last evening, as I ventured downtown to "research" this blog entry, I forced myself to enjoy a toasted coconut cone, since my beloved licorice wasn't in the lineup this week. Check out the littlest patron:


  1. I love the ice cream cone hanging flowers! Wish the weather was warm enough for ice cream though ...

  2. Yum! Very tasty blog entry.

  3. Well I am the slow one in this crowd! I didn't even catch that the lovely hanging basket was an ice cream cone (of course!!) until I read Lori's comment.

  4. Sign me up for a double scoop of toasted coconut! Let's meet downtown for some more research!